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● Tipe : QWU-100
● Category : 2 LAN port Wake-On-Wan device
● Description : powered with USB type-C or PoE LAN por

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With the QWU-100, you can easily overcome issues with configuring and managing wake-up services. The QWU-100 supports USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C, PoE interface, and multiple smart features for you to build a dependable remote wake-up environment.

  • Supports USB Type-C interface for convenient power installation.

  • The PoE interface provides both data connection and power to devices, achieving convenience and cost-effectiveness.

  • Compact form factor with two LAN ports, which is able to manage devices for two networks.


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When There is no QWU-100……

  • Home users:

    When you are not at home, but you need to access the data:
    1. Call your family to turn on the device
    2. Keep devices online 24/7
    3. Inconvenient and costly

  • MIS engineers:

    You need to manage hundreds of devices:
    1. Difficult to track each device connection
    2. Manually boot each device to repair
    3. Late notifications when the device is unavailable





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QWU-100 Doubles Your Workflow

With its compact form factor and two LAN ports, QWU-100 is able to manage devices for two networks. What’s more, the QWU-100 supports USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C and PoE interface – with the PoE interface providing both data and power to devices for better cable management. QuWakeUp’s easy-to-use interface includes operation menu, system logs, device group management and connection status to provide a huge boost to your productivity.




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Smart and Innovative Features

The QWU-100 provides multiple smart and innovative features, creating even more convenient remote-wake-up environment for you.

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Simple Installation: The QWU-100 is simple to install. Use Qfinder to find your device address, enter your log in details, and configure network settings within a minute.

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