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AS‐SCL01-1CH Camera License


AS‐SCL01-1CH Camera License


Siap Demo Produk!
Tanpa biaya sama sekali*, hubungi (021) 612-2781 atau HP/Whatsapp: 08222-777-0550
- Hanya untuk produk Scanner Plustek -
* untuk wilayah Jakarta atau Surabaya
Description: Single Camera License for Surveillance Center. This product is a digital version of the camera license(s) and does not include a physical copy. After you make a purchase, your license(s) will be sent to the email address you used to register with the ASUSTOR online accessories store. How to Managing Surveillance Center Camera Licenses 6 series devices can be expanded to a maximum of 12 channels while 3/2 series devices can be expanded up to a maximum of 8.
1. The maximum number of camera channels is determined by the test results of each channel (based on 720P (1280×72)、30 FPS、H.264). Actual performance may differ according to camera settings and NAS load conditions.
2. Each license key may only be used with one ASUSTOR device at a time.
3. You may not distribute copies of the license key to third parties.
4. Please keep the license key in a safe place. In case of loss or damage, ASUSTOR will not provide a replacement. PN: 931AS-00101-001 EAN: 4710474839407 UPC: 0887372900400 Dimension: This product is a digital version. Applied Model: All Models
Series Maximum IP cam Local display
AS7 49 Yes
AS61/62 25 Yes
AS50/51 25 Yes
AS6 16 Yes
AS31 16 Yes
AS2TE/AS3 8 Yes
AS2T 8 N/A
AS10 8 N/A


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