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Dengan Dual-Gigabit Ethernet Port, amat cocok untuk dijadikan server penyimpanan data yang terpercaya dan wajib dimiliki oleh penikmat high-resolution digital multimedia.

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    A versatile NAS featuring exceptional performance The AS5002T features dual gigabit Ethernet ports making it a reliable storage server and a must-have for your digital home entertainment The world’s second fastest 2-bay NAS among all NAS brands with stunning 108MB/s read and 116MB/s write speeds under RAID 1 (Ranked #2 in Total NAS category as

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    An evolved processor provides even more reliable performance Equipped with an Intel Celeron quad-core processor (faster graphics processing speed) Local HDMI multimedia output (4K, 1080P and high-definition multi-channel audio) Hand screw design for toolless installation Stylish diamond-plate finished cover design Equipped with hardware transcoding engine Equipped with an Intel Celeron quad-core processor AS3202T is powered

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    A High Performance NAS Featuring 4K playback to Enhance your Digital Home Lifestyle The brand new AS6102T features powerful 4K ultra high-definition multimedia playback and dual gigabit Ethernet ports, making it not only a stable and reliable storage server, but also an essential part of your digital home lifestyle. First NAS to be powered by

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    A Stunning Multifunctional 4K Quad-Core NAS A low maintenance cloud storage solution featuring a stylish, modern design and cutting-edge specifications. Enjoy a sparkling 4K multimedia experience that is sure to enhance your digital lifestyle. Choice Components: An Exquisite Experience Intel Celeron quad-core processor provides elite performance More powerful graphics processing provides a crystal clear ultra

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    The AS6104T Features 4K Playback and Added Storage Capacity,Perfectfor Prosumers The AS6104T features blazing performance and 4K playback functionality, providing an economical and comprehensive network storage solution that is suitable for both homes and small businesses. First NAS to be powered by the latest Intel Celeron N3050 processors Local HDMI multimedia output (4K, 1080P and


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